A scalable Iaas terraform code which spins us Azure infrastructure


Use Case

An internet-facing web site with NoSQL database. The Website has a presentation layer using Angular on Nodejs which gets data via the service layer built using .Net Core WebAPI. The WebAPI interacts with CosmosDB using SQL API


Resource Group →…

Azure Development using CosmosDB offline Emulator

Use Case: Your organization decides to move away from on-premise databases and decided to put their money on cloud-based data stores. Azure offers a No SQL database via Azure CosmosDB. Having and always running CosmosDB (even though with smaller RU) for Development purposes costs…

The series attempts to explore how the terraform script can be leveraged to create Azure resources on Azure public cloud. In this example, we use terraform script to create App Services and Azure Database for PostgreSQL with Azure Traffic Manage is taken from the Microsoft site shown below


  • The…

Matt Thankachan

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